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Watching your Cholesterol

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      Cholesterol is a waxy substance. Our body needs it to build up cells, but to much cholesterol is not good for you body. There are two different ways our body takes in cholesterol. First way is our liver makes it. The second way we get it from is eating food and drinking liquids that contain cholesterol. Some of the stuff that we intake have bad cholesterol called saturated and trans fat. 

   As the levels of cholesterol increases, the risk of your health also increases. Too much cholesterol can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease. The good kind of cholesterol which is HDL and the bad cholesterol which is LDL. To much of one kind and not enough of the other will build up in the arteries. 

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Crystal Crystal is a receptionist, prior authorization specialist and a cerified nursing assistant who is apart of a growing medical practice in a rural community in Northeast Wisconsin.

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