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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer is when the cells divide and muliply in an uncontrollled way. Cancer usually forms in the either the lobules, or the ducts of the breast. 

In early stages of breast cancer symptoms may not be noticeable. The tumor could be so small that you may not be able to feel it but it would still be seen on a mammogram. 

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer vary in which type of breast cancer you may have. Some are very similiar but some can be different. Most common symptoms include:

There are 2 main categories of breast cancer. These are: Invasive and noninvasive.

Invasive include:

Noninvasive include:

Breast cancer is divided into stages depending on the size of the tumor and how much it has spread. The stages are from 0-5. The type of treament also depends on what type of cancer. 

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Crystal Crystal is a receptionist, prior authorization specialist and a cerified nursing assistant who is apart of a growing medical practice in a rural community in Northeast Wisconsin.

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