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Caring for your heart

   AFib also known as Atrail Fibrillation interrupt's the normal flow of the blood. This is the most common type of heart arrythmia. There are four chambers that make up your heart: two atrium (upper) and two ventricles (lower). The ones that affected are the two upper chambers. The blood flow is disrupted it the lower ventricles as well as the rest of the body. 

    The symptoms could be constant or they may come and go. Some of these symptoms include:

    AFib happens when the chambers of your heart do not work together like they should. This could be because of electrial signaling. 

    Sometimes having AFib may require you to take medications. Some of the medications may include: Beta-blockers, Calcium channel blockers, sodium or potassium channel blockers, blood thiners, and digitalis glycosides. 

   Medications and lifestyle habits also may help prevent AFib. There can be serious complications with AFib such as a strok or heart attack. 

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Crystal Crystal is a receptionist, prior authorization specialist and a cerified nursing assistant who is apart of a growing medical practice in a rural community in Northeast Wisconsin.

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