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Ovarian Cancer Awareness

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Many of the early signs of  Ovarian Cancer have a sudden onset. They do not feel the same as normal digestion or normal menstrual cramps, these symptoms also do not just go away. 

      Some of the ealy symptoms could be:

     The cause of Cancer is yet unknown. When cells in the body start growing and muliplying abnormally that is when Cancer is formed. Cancer maybe inherited from a parent or it can be also acquired. 

    There are 3 types of Ovarian Cancer: Epithelial Carcinoma of the Ovary, Germ Cell Cancer of the Ovary, and Stromal Cell Cancer of the Ovary.

    Epithelial Carcinoma of the Ovary:                                                                                 

There are no early signs or symptoms until the advanced stages. The generic factors for this type of cancer are more common in women that have a combination of: Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer without Breast Cancer, or Ovarian Cancer and Colon Cancer. Women who have two or more relatives are at higher risk. 

        Germ Cell Cancer of the Ovary:                                                                                 

 This type of Cancer can be treatable. It will also give you a false positive pregnancy test. This type of Cancer develops from the cells that create eggs.   

         Stromal Cell Cancer of the Ovary:

This type of Cancer is very rare and grows slowly. The symptoms are very noticeable at the early stages. This type of Cancer develops from the cells of the Ovaries. 

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Crystal Crystal is a receptionist, prior authorization specialist and a cerified nursing assistant who is apart of a growing medical practice in a rural community in Northeast Wisconsin.

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